"I told Ben Blair that I'm hoping people are in a public radio mindset. Like when you hear the NPR commentators say: "pledge your membership of only $75.00 and we'll send you this canvas tote bag with our logo on it." You know the tote bag is worth maybe $5. But it's not about that. You're looking for a way to be generous and supportive. And the tote bag is just a bonus." ~~~ Design Mom
Will you spread the word? Are you visiting this Auction site because you want to do something for this special family during this difficult time? Please consider posting the above flyer on your own website, blog or neighborhood lamp post...To add this auction's link to your own blog or web site, first copy the picture above, add the picture (use "add a gadget" on blogspot) and then add the html code: to this pictures post. Visitors to your own site will simply click on the picture and be directed to this Auction.
More great items are continually being donated to Carol's Auction and now all we need is an increase in those of you visiting this site to place your bids in the hopes of generating additional funds~ 100% of which goes directly to Carol, her family and their exorbitant medical costs. Thank you all so much for your generosity!

And the Winner is...

Graciously Donated by CHRDesigns @ Etsy. This item has closed.
The winning bidder may click on the PayPal link below to pay directly to Carol & Scott. Please include the name of your item with payment and send confirmation of your payment directly to ericathur4@yahoo.com. THANK YOU!