We need your help! again

'Recently Carol and Scott had the opportunity to purchase a home. A space that had the potential for expansion and could be remodeled to accommodate Carol's many needs, her blindness, wheelchair accessible and ease of mobility while wearing her prosthetics. The house, as it is now, is original to 1955 and poses many challenges to Carol feeling safe and comfortable in her home. With a combination of the economy, the high cost of Carol’s ongoing treatment and the tightening of lending practices, the Decker’s will not be able to renovate this home as originally planned. They have switched to a much more modest remodel, which will give them the very basic amenities for Carol to function in her home. While they stay incredibly upbeat, the home will not be ideal for Carol. Our hope is that ABC will see the inspiration this family has been to not only our community, and to our family’s, but the potential the Decker’s have to touch the hearts of people across the world.' Please help us in this quest by adding your name and well wishes to the page created, "We want to see the Deckers on ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition" by following this link. Thank you all for your continued support!
Add a SUPPORT BUTTON to your own blog or website by copying the code to the right. PLEASE Help us spread the word about this special cause! Carol's Outpatient REHAB, equipment, overwhelming medical bills and another surgery is still needed and while fundraising has made a great contribution, this family could still really use our help. Thank you!!!

To Make a Contribution directly to the Decker Family

If you would like to contribute directly to the Decker family and have access to a WA MU branch you can go into the branch and make a deposit using the Benevolent account set up at WAMU under "Scott C Decker FBO Carol J Decker and Safiya Decker"account. If you do not have access to a WA Mu branch you can go to any bank and have funds transferred from your account to this WA MU account, ask for a receipt for any deposits made. If you would like to send a check, we suggest that you might want to send directly to the WA MU branch where the account has been set up.
Washington Mutual Harvard Market
1429 Broadway FCWA0656
Seattle, WA 98122

OR you can use this PAYPAL LINK to donate. This link will navigate you to Carol and Scott's Contribution Account where you can indicate the amount you wish to contribute. All online! The PayPAL link may say "Auction item" which you may then type in "cash donation" in the space provided for item name.

Didn't win the item you were bidding on? Consider donating that proposed amount to Carol and Scott anyways by clicking on the PayPAL link on the right side of this Auction site or on any "BUY NOW" button listed on the Auction site. It is all about the effort not the reward, right? :)