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A Mother's Will to Live
Carol Jean Vance, who's married name is now Decker, was like any other young mother and excited about having her second child.
Carol, her husband Scott, and 2-year-old daughter Chloe now live in Enumclaw. In June, Carol came down with what doctors thought was a mild case of the flu, but with early contractions and a moderate fever inspired her husband to take her back to the hospital.
What they discovered was far worse than. Carol had contracted Streptococcal Pneumonia Infection with all possible complications. All her major organs had been affected including her skin. Carol then fell into a syndrome called Disseminated Intra vascular Coagulation, or DIC, a life threatening condition that prevents a person's blood from clotting normally.
Jim Vance, Carol's father, is passionate about seeking medical help early on, if a person becomes ill. "Make an appointment with their doctor. . .insist on one more exam, one more procedure in order to never, never ever come down with this affliction"
Carol's illness resulted in her giving birth to daughter Safiya six weeks early. Because of the disease, both of Carol's legs had to be amputated from the knees down. Also her left hand had to be removed as well as her right hand ring finger. While she has lost her eyesight, doctors are optimistic that she will regain her sight eventually.
Carol's step mom Judy says when Carol returns home she'll have months of rehabilitation and lots of time to spend healing and getting used to her new prosthetics. "She is amazing so she will accomplish all that! Every day she shows us how strong she is and what she can accomplish from everything she's been through."
A Fundraising Golf Tournament is planned for Saturday September 13th at Columbia Point Golf Course beginning at 1:30pm.
Contact Columbia Point Golf Course at 509-946-0710 for further information. Carol and Scott Decker also have a blog at

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britta said...

I am shocked that the health care insurance would not cover further expenses. This is a case for another Michael Moore Sicko film and another example that it is time for a different health care system in the United States. Clinton was the only supporter of that change. Hopefully we will still see that change in our live time. It is so scarry to see that your life can change so quickly, and in addition to all challenges that the family will face in the future, that there seem to be no security net, despite insurance.
It's wonderful to see the initiative of friends and family to raise money. But in a country like the United States this should not be necessary.
i am praying not only for this family but also for all others who are affected by this problem - that insurance does not cover further expenses beyond the lifetime maximum - and I am praying that voters will make their choice one day to change this misery.