Beautiful words of encouragement and love

~"My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, Sarah"

~"Want to feel even more internet hugs and kisses? Help out another family in need
— imagine going into an emergency c-section, developing an infection which requires having both legs and one arm amputated. Then. Losing your sight. That's what's happening to Carol Decker right this minute." Gabrielle, Design Mom

~"swEEt peAs is auctioning this dress and underskirt for Carol and Scott. They have experienced a devastation this summer and we want to help. So, for every Tye Back dress we sell, swEEt peAs will donate 50% of the sale to help out this young couple. Go to this blog site to find out" Rozzi's Sweet Peas Etsy shop

~ "Hi,sorry it took me a while to answer you, but I have a 2 weeks old newborn baby and my oldest boy, 4 years old, is just starting to school, so it's a bit mad at home. I check the blog and I was in tears for Carol's tragedy..I am very sorry for what happened to her, but it seems she is a very strong woman, and it seems there is a lot of angels flying around her and taking care her the whole young family. ALL THE BEST and I am sure Carol is very glad and proud in having such a wonderful friend as you are.Best of luck, Cristina"

~"Hi! I checked out the blog. Could one of the (donated items) be Sleeping Beauty? For some reason, even though I don't know Carol, it seems like her. I will will keep positive thoughts for Carol. (That's my daughter's name) and I will keep you, her and her family in my prayers." Delores

~ "I would love to help. Carol's story is so heartbreaking! I was so fortunate with my first 3 deliveries, but had an awful pre-eclampsia scare with my fourth. I was very lucky. I cannot even imagine being in Carol's place. The baby is simply beautiful." Christi

~"We are happy to donate and hope it helps in your fund raising efforts for Carol (and her family). They are surely amazing, strong people and I will remember them in my prayers!" Robyn and Kevin

~ "I just read the blog and I don't understand what happened! She was just going in to have the baby and ended up with a c-section and all these terrible things happened? I cannot believe this. Of course I would love to donate something for this cause. Just let me know what you'd like me to do next to get this going. I will also forward this to some of my friend's who also sell on etsy if you don't mind. Thank you and have a good day:)! Portia♥

~"I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I am sending wishes for a swift healing. Warmly Renee"

~"Hi! I just can't believe this happened. I feel for her husband, kids, and friends. This is the least I can do..." Susan

~"I am just so shocked about Carol's situation, and want to do SOMETHING to help. So, thanks for letting me donate something to the auction." Kim

~ "Mom in Need" My cousin is working on a silent auction for her friend, Carol Decker. Her story moved me to tears. And my thoughts and prayers go out to her family. The auction will start tonight, and there are some beautiful items from Etsy available. So please bid or donate directly if you can." Debbie of Mamanista

~ "I feel so bad for your fiend! That is horrible to have to go through, I hope all the money that needs to be raised gets raised. Safiya is such a cutie!" Allison

~"I just looked at your silent auction site. Please choose 3 pairs (instead of just one) to be auctioned off. Again... I hope they can raise money for Carol and her family. I am so sorry for their hardship. Thanks!!!" Jessica

~"I wish you much success with your auction!"Debra

~"Hello-I am so very sorry for your friend's tragedy! I too am a mother- and I can not imagine having to deal with such an awful health situation. I hope for the best for Carol and her family. It would be my pleasure to donate something. just give me the appropriate address information and the date that you need something by, and I will let you know when something is on the way. I hope the auction is a wonderful success for Carol. Thank you-Jessica"

~"What a tragic story! I wish her and her family all the best!" Rosalynn

~"Hi. I am so sorry to hear of your friends tragedy. I don't know all the details as I have only briefly read about it from the link you sent. If I'm correct she has endured this tragedy due to her emergency c-section/high blood pressure?? I had three c-sections and they were all terrifying to go through (mine were normal have you). I can not imagine what your dear friend has had to face. We would certainly be willing to donate an item to you to auction off." Robyn

~"I really think it's a great thing you're doing for your friend. I read the links you sent me and it must be devestating for Carol and her family. I wish them all the best!" Hayley

~"Another needs us! With the story NieNie
everywhere in the blog world and now in the New York Times I found another who needs are help! I just read about Carol Decker on someone's blog. Carol gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on June 10th via an emergency C-section. After the surgery she developed life-threatening infection. The medicine given to her was supposed to help fight the infection but it, instead, blocked the blood flow to her eyes, legs and left arm. Carol has had to undergo amputation of both legs below the knee, her left arm arm is amputated and she's blind. There's an ongoing silent auction going on to help with medical costs. I'm bidding on a few things!" Pink Trees Blog

~September 07, 2008 ~"I would be honored to have one of my jewelry pieces in your auction."Debra

~"I would be happy to support your friend and her journey towards recovery!" Sharon

~"Oh, I can't imagine the pain everyone involved is going through. I'm very interested in helping." Cindy

~"Through the magic of the Internet, I've become involved with an auction to benefit an amazing woman named Carol. Carol's is a courageous woman with a story that will touch your heart. The flyer above will provide you a bit of her story..."~posted on by Jean

~"My heart is aching for this family." Valerie

~"Dear Carol and Scott,This is Becky, Erica's little sister. Scott, I don't remember when I first met Carol--I was 10 maybe 8? I can't picture her without a smile. Always ready to laugh, encourage and uplift. Some people are born 'cool' with an calm soul that others are drawn to. I grew up in awe of Carol always grateful for her kindness, friendship and good to the core spirit. I love her tons still today. I know those same gifts she's always shared with others will sustain all of you, including herself. As soon as we heard we started praying for you all. Thank you for the updates, you're courage, strength and example are awe-inspiring. Please send her my love and prayers of healing. Best to all of you, Becky"

~ "If you feel inclined, do head on over to their blog
and the silent auction site. It is just difficult to imagine the swing of emotions from a high on receiving a newborn to almost losing the mum." Ruth of

~This week I am participating in the silent auction for carol decker. There are lots of lovely items there - many from other etsy artists. It is always nice to have a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Thanks Erica for the opportunity.If you are interested go to ....I know they would appreciate your help. Daisy D Designs
Shop Announcement.

~ "Carol Vance (now Decker) is one of my older sister Erica's best friends since childhood. I love Carol. She's full of goodness, kindness, fun and seriously one of the coolest women I've ever known. In June Carol delivered her second baby girl via c-section and soon afterward her temperature spiked with a terrible infection. She was placed on life support and medication which resulted in little to no blood flow to her extremities which has meant she had her two legs amputated below her knees, her left arm, right ring finger and is now blind. She's had skin grafts on nearly all of her body apart from her torso. I keep up with her situation via her husband's blog and my sister has started a silent auction here to help raise funds for her continued medical costs and physical therapy. Tragic situation for this incredible woman." Rebekah

~ "As always thanks for your prayers and goodness. . .. . . speaking of which, there is another mother in need right now, Carol Decker. My heart is so heavy after reading her story. You can read about her situation here. Or watch a newscast here. I wish for them the same tremendous support that we've felt this past month."C Jane

~"I've been wanting to post about a friend of mine that needs any help she can get. I think most of you who read my blog are mothers so this story will probably touch you as much as it has me. Carol and I lived down the street from each other growing up. For some reason I always thought she was so cool and we seemed to get along good. As we both grew up we lost contact until one of our mutual friends told me about her tragic story a few months back. Carol contracted a very serious infection while pregnant with her second daughter. She has since lost both legs from the knee down, her left hand, and her sight." Holli

~"It is amazing and heartwarming to me to see the generosity of so many people who reach out and help when someone is in need. As a friend of Carols I can tell you that many times in her life Carol has been one to reach out and offer help when it is needed. I know this because I have been a recipient of such kindness and compassion from her. That is just the kind of person she is. So please go on over and check this auction out and let others know about it also. I know her family is so grateful for the generosity that has been shown to them." Kim

~ "Just lovingly wrapped each of the auction items in preparation for shipping. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this support of Carol and her family's well being.Be well!" Catherine

"My heart will never be the same because to of the Deckers. Anything I can do for them is all my pleasure." -Courtney

~"Since I learned about the Deckers, I think of them daily. Carol has been through something I can not even begin to imagine; physically, psychologically or emotionally. It is deeply inspiring to see her determination and strength to heal, be there for her children and to learn how to live her life in a new way." -Abby

~" I recently heard of Carol's story via a blog I frequently read. I have been deeply touched by this tragedy. At the same time I am in awe of Carol's strength to carry on and to make the most of her situation. Looking at the pictures of her with her beautiful girls warms my heart and gives me strength as a mother, seeing her courage. Sarah

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