The "Allison"

This is the "Allison." Allison loves a man in a nice a seersucker suit, her favorite smell is a clean towel straight from the dryer, and she thinks that nothing beats creme brulee (which is so SO true). Made with 100% cotton fabric and a heavy weight stabilizer to keep her sturdy (because let's face it.. every girl can use a little extra stability). This bag also has a 4 inch pocket and closes with a magnetic snap. Fantastic aqua colored polka dots on a lime background, adorable pleating and coordinating lining make this bag your new perfect!

Dimensions as follows:

Handle: 18in with /9in. drop
Total Height: 15in.
Height (without the handles): 6.5in
Opening width: 7.5in.
Width at bottom: 11 in.
Pocket: 4in.x4in

Graciously Donated by The Pink Needle!
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