Limited Edition Nietzche LetterPress Art work

Original Letter Press Art Work exclaims Nietzsche's most famous saying: "Become who you are". The big BE printed from a hand-carved linocut. Black text set by hand in antique wood type. The whole piece was printed one by one, by hand, on a vintage Vandercook press.
The old used wood type lends small variations in color and impression, which are a part of the appeal of this hands-on process. The gorgeous texture and impression that is characteristic of this nostalgic printing technique makes one want to stare at it all the time. The concepts in the book "When Nietzsche Wept" inspired me to do this Letterpress poster with one of Nietzsche's most famous says: "Become who you are". At the time, this phrase resonated in me. I carved a big BE in linoleum -- I wanted it to have the most emphasis on the poster. "COME WHO YOU ARE" is printed from antique wood type; "NIETZSCHE" is in metal type. The paper is Magnani Pescia, mold made in Italy from 100% cotton, chlorine-free, with neutral pH. This broadside has 1 natural deckle and 3 tear deckles (tore by hand by me). Limited edition of 50. Printed at SVC in Seattle, 10" x 20".Letterpress printed in a warm vermilion and opaque black. Mold-made Italian cotton paper, thick and luxuriously to the touch. Size: 10" x 20". Its elongated dimensions carefully chosen to hold the depth of the quote. Limited edition: 50 signed copies.

Graciously Donated by AKLuna!
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